PHOTO of Ridiculously Photogenic Surgery Girl goes viral

A picture of a smiling woman recovering from lung surgery goes viral. The photograph of a 28-year-old woman named Rachel dubbed as ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Surgery Girl’ originally appeared on Reddit – Ask Me Anything section.

Ridiculously Photogenic Surgery Girl

Ridiculously Photogenic Surgery Girl
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According to reports of several international blog and news sites, Rachel has congenital emphysema where 60% of her lung had been removed at the Cleveland Clinic. She posted a photo of herself from the ICU after the operation, and is now widely spreading over the internet.

The meme started with her image and the caption “Lose 60% of her lung…wins 100% of my heart.” The meme was shared thousands times. One of the people who commented on her post was also staying at the same hospital and paid Rachel the ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Surgery Girl’ a visit.

Rachel said she’s overwhelmed by all of the attention. “People have been saying so many nice things about me the last few days,” she posted. “I’ve never felt more beautiful.”



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