Polish pup set to break world record as smallest dog

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After Beyonce, the tiny pup who fit in a tablespoon at her birth in March and at two weeks old was just the size of an iPhone, and Milly, the pint-sized Chihuahua from Puerto Rico who had to be fed with an eyedropper when she was born in January and stood just 3 inches tall at three months, here comes Meysi, a tiny Terrier from Poland who weighed just 1.58 ounces at her birth three months ago.

Polish Pup Meysi Worlds Smallest Dog

Image Credit: CEN Europics

Anna Pohl of Jarocin, Poland, Meysi’s owner, shared that she didn’t think her dog would make it for Meysi’s first six weeks were really worst. She may have grown to her current weight of 3.25 ounces but she’s not expected to grow much more, according to veterinarians.

Soon, it will literally be a dog race among When Beyonce, Milly and Meysi when they all meet the required age limit of one-year to be considered for the title of World’s Smallest Dog by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Watch the video – World Records smallest living dog on the planet?

Video Credit: YouTube/TodayTelegram



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