Promise Phan: Make-up Artist that can transform to anyone (Video)

Promise Phan was a well known make-up guru, as she paint herself into different celebrities and fiction characters. The 22-year-old gained 96 Million views and won 585,000 subscribers since she appeared on June 2009 in social media like Youtube channel wherein she used the name dope111.

Promise Phan

Screenshot: YouTube

Promise Phan likes a virtual work of art in which she paints her face as a canvas to create and transformed into somebody like the celebrity look of Angelina Jolie, Katy Perry, Jhonny Depp and many more.

Promise Phan uploaded every day to teach her followers request a make-up tutorial.

Watch the videos:

Video Credit: YouTube/dope2111

Video Credit: YouTube/dope2111

Video Credit: YouTube/dope2111



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