Quake Hits ACEH Indonesia: Fresh Tsunami Alert

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A quake with a magnitude of 8.7 shook BANDA ACEH in Indonesia this afternoon. The quake spawned a wave around 30 inches but with no serious damage. A fresh tsunami warning is issued thus, according to US Geological Survey that the aftershock which struck at around 8:43 pm is 615 kilometers from Aceh. Experts advice that the first quake has been horizontal, instead of vertical, so there is a possibility that tsunami will not occur.

Aceh earthquake

Image Credit: sott.net

Other Southeast Asian countries have been very conscious of what this quake that hits Indonesia might do to its nearby countries. So most of the Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Malaysia issued evacuation instructions while the US monitors an Indian Ocean-wide tsunami watch. Most people living in the coastal areas are advised to move to a more secure and safe places.

Furthermore, German experts helped install tsunami warning system for Indonesia. They also claimed that the quake is horizontal and assure Asian Nations that if there will be a tsunami then they are sure that it will not make a big tsunami. “There wasn’t much vertical movement,” said Rainer Kind, of the German Geo-Research Centre (GFZ), which helped to install the system after a 2004 tsunami killed thousands in the same area.



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