Scalado remove app can get rid of moving objects

Smartphone cameras have really become almost everywhere.  Most of us want to get an equally good set of apps to make our photographs truly polish. Or at least clear them off the mess. That’s exactly what picture professionals from Scalado have focused on in their Remove application which almost magically removes moving object from your picture.


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Imagine taking a picture in a crowded place where passers-by keep on getting in the way, not letting you compose a decent photograph. Press on that shutter without worrying – you can clean up the mess later on with this neat application. Scalado Remove will get rid of moving objects and leave only the background, so you can focus on what’s important in the picture.

The application detects moving objects by seemingly capturing a couple of shots to work its magic, and it won’t remove static parts of the picture. This application is designed for mobile phones supporting the iOS and Android OS.



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