Shopper finds a real Picasso at thrift store

Ohio man picked up a Picasso print for $14 at a thrift store. According to research, the print may be apparently signed by the artist himself.

Ohio man picked up a Picasso

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Zach Bodish, the proud new owner of the print, is something of an art hunter and is no stranger to the surprises of thrifting. Even so, when he picked this one up at a Volunteers of America thrift store in Columbus, Ohio, he had no idea it would be so valuable.

“I just saw the Picasso part,” said Bodish. “I noted it was a numbered edition so I didn’t think that it was really a Picasso.”

Although he hasn’t had the piece officially appraised, art experts have told him it could be worth anywhere from $500 to $10,000 dollars. It’s a broad estimate, but it’s certainly more than the initial $14 investment.



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