Simsimi App for Android and iPhone

For those who never find an application that unable to communicate with the user, this year you will find this kind of app.

SimSimi is an application that will give you such feature that make you are able to communicate with it. Actually SimSimi is only an app that quite simple, you can chat with the robot in the app. It is not the robot that is available with automatic words response. It needs you to teach the robot inside the app.

Simsimi App

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Actually SimSimi is the super advanced chatting robot that will make amusing conversation to engage with the users. What we have to do is only to teach SimSimi a pair of question and answer that later the robot will remember the response that you have taught to the robot.

Simsimi is available on multiple platforms like Android and iPhone. SimSimi is created to be a fun and friendly chatting robot.



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