South Korean arrested over girlfriend’s odd octopus death

A South Korean has been arrested for allegedly killing his girlfriend who was originally have thought to have suffocated while eating a live octopus, a prosecutor said Tuesday.

Prosecutor Lee Geon-Tae told Friday, that the suspect identified only as Kim after months of investigation.

odd octopus death

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“Kim will be charged within the next 10 days,” said Mr. Lee. “He’s still denying the charge … we believe enough evidence has been collected to charge him,” he added.

According to reports, Kim checked into an Incheon motel with his girlfriend Yoon in April 2010 and bought two live octopuses from a local restaurant.

Police officers said earlier they suspected Kim might have stuffed the octopus into Yoon’s throat or choked her with some other object such as a pillow.

Yoon was taken to hospital but died 16 days later due to brain damage.



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