Sprint’s offers iPhone in Prepaid Plan

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Sprints are dominating the prepaid plan in Apple iPhones. Though Leap Wireless will remain the to be the lead smartphone company who offers a prepaid service, Sprints will be able to compete in the business by offering the prepaid plan to iPhones of Apple Inc.

Sprint iPhone

Image Credit: sprint.com

They will offer the iPhone, though without contract, tentative on July 1st, 2012. This offer will help the Sprints to market their services on a broad area of its users. More people are prefer to acquire Iphone due to its competency in the smart phone usage. From mobile internet to mobile plans to texting and SMS, the Sprint’s value that present opportunities for upside or downside to the current market of the mobile phones.

Prior to this, Sprint offers a postpaid plan—which locks in the customer for two years and includes a subsidy for the phone—for $79.99 a month and includes unlimited data and messaging with 450 minutes of talk time. Sprint has said its postpaid plans don’t throttle on data usage. The addition of a prepaid iPhone allows Sprint to sell the device to a new type of customer. This widening of the potential market should help satisfy the commitment to Apple, which also benefits by getting its brand into new hands. Aside from having no contract or activation fees, there are no credit checks for prepaid customers.



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