Steve Jobs tribute laptops being auctioned for charity

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Three limited edition MacBook Pro with Retina display and a special logo with a silhouette of Steve Jobs is up for auction for a special cause.

Steve Jobs tribute laptops

Image Credit: Uncover

The artwork at the back of the special edition of the Macbook Pro was created by Jonathan Mak, a Hong Kong-based artist. He designed the Apple logo with a silhouette of Steve Jobs as the bite out of the apple.

As posted on by Uncover

We’ve meticulously cut the silhouette of Jobs from the edges of the Apple and filled it up again with high quality epoxy. Each has the lesser known “Once you realise that” quote by Steve Jobs laser-tattooed on the bottom, as a covert mantra for inspiration.

The Steve Jobs Tribute MacBook by Uncover has a minimum bid of €9500 (that’s $12,405 USD), and the bidding will end on Monday morning at 7:15 am ET. Proceeds from the sale will be divided equally to GetItDone and SellanApp.



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