Giant sun eruption: Video of Monster Sun Prominence captured by NASA’s SDO

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On November 13, the Sun emitted an M6 classification solar flare, one of the weakest designations still able to cause some disturbances on Earth. Now, just a few days later, the Sun is at it again. NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory caught spectacular images and video of the giant sun eruption, the Sun bursting with two prominence eruptions […]

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‘M1.7-class’ solar flare erupts from sun surface (Video)

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NASA released images and an amazing video of a powerful giant solar flare that unleashed an eruption of super-heated plasma from the surface of the sun before blasting into space. The flare was recorded by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecraft, which is part of a 5-year mission focused on the sun. NASA described the […]

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Powerful Solar Flare: ‘M1.7-class’ Solar Flare Erupts from the Sun (Video)

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The powerful solar flare occurred on April 16 at 1:45 p.m. EDT (1745 GMT) and recorded as a moderate M1.7-class on the scale of sun storms The strength of solar flares are measured by the astronomers based on a letter scale. The three categories are C, M and X, the X class sun storms mark the most powerful […]

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Space Shuttle Discovery makes its final voyage to museum

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Space shuttle Discovery will make its final voyage on Tuesday – on the back of an airplane. The 167,000 pound Discovery was loaded on Sunday on the top of an airplane which will fly it to the Washington DC area, where it will be housed at the Smithsonian’s outpost near Dulles International Airport. The decommissioned […]

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International Space Station Crew forced to take shelter

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Crew members of the International Space Station (ISS) have sheltered in two Russian Soyuz crafts as a “precaution measure” ahead of an expected passage of a piece of orbital debris, NASA said. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said on a statement that the junk is a leftover from a February 2009 collision of Russia’s defunct […]

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Two extreme solar flare chases towards Earth (Video)

The largest solar flare in years is ripping towards Earth at 4 million mph and is expected to hit early Thursday morning, Associated Press posted.The powerful solar flare frightening to set free of charged particles that could disrupt utility grids, airline flights, satellite networks and Global Positioning System (GPS) services. Joe Kunches, scientist for the […]

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Triple play – Moon, Jupiter and Venus Line Up this Weekend

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This past weekend, Saturday and Sunday, three planets joined the moon in an unusual sky alignment. Moon, Jupiter and Venus came together in a shining triangle which gives stargazers a celestial delight. These celestial bodies have been joined by Mercury last Monday. Aside from Planets, the moon is offering a dazzling sight of its own. […]

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