Early Secret Santa for Early Christmas $100 Gift Away

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A secret Santa from Missouri is giving away $100 for people and survivor of hurricane Sandy. The Kansas City businessman is giving away $100,000 this holiday season, and spent the day in New Jersey and New York giving away thousands. But he says money is not the issue. The important thing is the act of […]

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Hurricane Sandy left Manhattan in the dark; but the lights are still shining at Goldman Sachs (Photos)

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Amid the chaotic news coverage of Hurricane Sandy, a photo of Goldman Sachs‘s 200 West Street headquarters made the rounds. The lights were off at the Freedom Tower in Lower Manhattan, but Goldman Sachs still managed to keep their lights on as of an hour ago. Goldman’s building lit by a backup generator while many buildings […]

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New York Nannies earn $180,000 a year

According to Adam Davidson in the ‘The New York Times’, the New York city area is hone to scores of elite hyper- skilled nannies. Some wealthy families are willing to pay close to $200,000 a year for such as catch. Davidson wrote about a new immigrant nanny from Brazil who began working in the U.S […]

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Worst of New York Fashion Week 2012

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New York Fashion Week brings together about 328 designers according to Fashion Calendar. And putting together the schedule of the said fashion week, usually put on conflicts. Like models stumbling on the runway, what else could be a misses for those looks that seem so off, so disappointing, and almost personally insulting. With the 80’s […]

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Nowadays, Valentine’s Day is observed as a special day for love and romance. To strengthen unions, marriage experts advise couples to “make weekly dates” or “go away on a couple’s weekend.” Those are great ideas, but let’s be realistic: how often can busy couples expect to drop everything and get away? Flowers and chocolates are a good start, […]

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