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Challenge your friends in Tetris from around the world? Yes, Tetris Battle continues its scorching growth as February begins. Tetris is a very popular block game since then, and now it’s trending on large social networking hub which is Facebook.

Facebook Tetris

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Just like the traditional Tetris game, it actually do with seven different types of tetrominoes: I-blocks which are competing four lines at once, O-blocks for filling large gaps, L-blocks filling medium-sized holes, J-blocks opposite of L-blocks, S-blocks for filling small holes, Z-blocks opposite of S-blocks, and T-blocks also used same as s-blocks.

According to Tetris Online Inc, publisher and developer, this game skilled more than 13 million users or gamers monthly since it was out.

Just like an addicting game application such as Farmville and Cityville, Tetris is now one of the fastest growing games on Facebook. What would you think?

Source: tetrisonline.com



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