The HemLoft: a secret treehouse on Whistler Mountain (Video)

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A tree house hidden on Whistler Mountain has captured the attention of design lovers around the world after nearly three years of going completely under the radar.

Joel Allen, a 31-year-old software designer turned carpenter, built the egg-shaped house, which he calls “The HemLoft,” on a forested southern slope in 2009.

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The two-storey structure is completely supported by a hemlock tree and includes a deck with a sliding glass door, a fully enclosed living space, and a roof lined with windows to let in light.

Allen is currently looking for ways to expose HemLoft’s location while keeping it safe from destruction.

Some of his suggested options include opening up the HemLoft to the public, turning it into a campsite or making it the subject of a geocaching hunt.

“Since the tree house was built on Crown land, I don’t technically own it, and so its fate is uncertain,” wrote Allen. “To the best of my knowledge, squatting on Whistler Mountain beneath some of Western Canada’s most luxurious mega-homes would not be looked favourably upon.”

Video Credit: YouTube/earlyinfinity



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