The Living Barbie Doll: Venus Palermo, Dakota Rose and Valeria Lukyanova (Video)

Young girls like Venus Palermo or Venus Angelic, Dakota Rose and Valeria Lukyanova are now becoming Internet sensations and the trending topic over the web. They gained online fame because they resemble living dolls.

The Living Barbie Doll

Venus Palermo, Dakota Rose and Valeria Lukyanova

Venus Palermo  a 15-year-old teenager, under the screen name “Venus Angelic” posted beauty tutorials onYouTube for fans who want to look like her.

Dakota Rose is often referred to as KotaKoti, and has drawn a lot of attention for her resemblance to a barbie doll.

Valeria Lukyanova, a 21-year-old Ukrainian model, is now fast getting a lot of attention online for looking exactly like a girl’s best doll friend Barbie.

Meet Real Life Barbie by watching the video below.

VenusAngelic Video

Video Credit: YouTube/VenusAngelic

Dakota Rose Video

Video Credit: YouTube/dakotakoti

Valeria Lukyanova Video

Video Credit: YouTube/amatuecumna



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