The Plastics Revolution Releases First-Ever Music Video Created Using Instagram

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Instagram is a new and fun way to share your life’s events. Aside from being fast, it is free and fun. You’ll enjoy every bit of working on it. And this has innovate the way people are able to share photos on social media. It is done using androids, tablets and even smartphones. It has become very popular that even the Mexico City band The Plastics Revolution are making Instagram an art way to shows their photos.

First-Ever Music Video Created Using Instagram

Screenshot: Vimeo

Using their latest video which is titled “Invasion”, they used this application to make a video which is instagram-generated photos. Filmmaker Arturo Perez Jr. put together the video using 1,905 images taken around San Francisco. Each picture was run through one of the many Instagram filters on an iPhone. It’s unclear whether the photos were all actually taken with an iPhone.

Many people so far are having good impression with the release of this video. So the initial launch of this photo generated video has made the band more popular and they catch the trend of using social media and social networking applications part of musical industry. Most commentators and bloggers are depicted that this is the most awesome and epic in the video editing work. Watch the video below:

Invasión – The Plastics Revolution  from The Plastics Revolution on Vimeo.




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