The QWERTY Effect: How Typing gives impact on how we perceive words

A keyboard’s arrangement could have a small but significant impact on how we perceive the meaning of words we type.

Specifically, the QWERTY keyboard may gradually attach more positive meanings to words with more letters located on the right side of the layout (everything to the right of T, G and B). The effect may arise from the fact that letter combinations that fall on the right side of the keyboard tend to be easier to type than those on the left.

The QWERTY Effect

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The QWERTY History

The QWERTY layout dates back to 1868. Until then, typewriters frequently jammed because some letters sat too close to one other on the keyboard. When typed in rapid succession, they sometimes stuck together. (

Jasmine, psychologist, together with her colleague set out to explore the effects of fluency on typing and language.

“People are faster to type with their right hand than their left hand,” Jasmin said. “Combined with the fact that keyboard is asymmetrical, with more letters on left than the right; we had to know if there was correlation there.”



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