Titanic 100th Anniversary: Titanic Memorial Cruise

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Titanic and her sister ship Olympic, owned by the White Star Line, were designed to set new standards of luxury for trans-Atlantic travel. They weren’t intended to be the fastest, but they were to be the largest, able to accommodate more freight and passengers than their faster competitors.

100th Year of TITANIC

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They could guarantee a week’s crossing in spectacular conditions. The first class accommodations included elaborate suites decorated in a variety of styles. First-class passengers could also enjoy a gymnasium, swimming pool, squash racket courts and Turkish bath. Second class accommodations on Titanic were better than first class on many other ships.

To give respect to the tragedy and all the people who died, another ship will re-enact the same route as where the Titanic went a century later. The Titanic Memorial Cruise follows the same course and set to sails with the same number of passengers which is 1,309 and came contact with the site where the lost Titanic is wrecked.



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