Titanic’s 100th anniversary: The Dogs on Titanic

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One hundred years after the sinking of Titanic. Throughout the years, people have been fascinated with its story. Artifacts and stories live on. One of these unique stories is about the animals on the Titanic.

King Charles Spaniels “Molly” and “Carter”

Image Credit: titanicbranson.com

The World’s Largest Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson Missouri has one such story. The World’s first tribute to the dogs of Titanic, featuring the famous dog mascots “Molly” and “Carter”, which represent the animals that were on board.

Video Credit: YouTube/TitanicBranson

12 dogs aboard the RMS Titanic are:

  • Harry Anderson’s Chow
  • William Carter’s Airdale
  • Robert Daniel’s French Bulldog Gamin de Pycombe
  • William Carter’s King Charles Spaniel
  • John Jacob Astor’s Airdale Kitty
  • Margaret Bechstein Hays’ Pomeranian
  • Henry Sleeper Harper’s Pekingese
  • Helen Bishop’s Frou Frou
  • Anne Elizabeth Isham’s Great Dane
  • A King Charles Cavalier
  • Rigel owned by First Mate Murdoch of the Titanic



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