Tokyo holds the highest priced bluefin tuna: sold for 1.78M

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Now, Tokyo Japan holds the highest sold bluefin tuna for 1.78 M in an auction last Saturday. The first auction for this year is the sprawling Tsukiji fish market which was sold for 155.4 million yen.

Bluefin tuna winning bidder Kiyoshi Kimura

Image Credit: Shuji Kajiyama, AP

The tuna has been in global crisis for the past 15 years and almost has been an endangered species. Tuna are warm blooded animal wherein they can regulate their body temperature that even they lived in the coldest part of the ocean, they are capable of surviving. The tuna’s ability to maintain body temperature has several definite advantages over other sea life. It need not limit its range according to water temperature, nor is it dominated by climatic changes. The additional heat supplied to the muscles is also advantageous because of the resulting extra power and speed. Bluefin tuna have been clocked in excess of 30 miles per hour (48 km/h) during 10 to 20 second sprints, enabling it to hunt squid, herring, mackerel, etc., that slower predators cannot capture.

The bidder, Kiyoshi Kimura, who won the auction operates the Sush-Zanmai restaurant chain, said “the price was a bit high,” but only to give Japan a boost he tried to won the bidding. He was planning to serve the high cost fish to his customers the night of Saturday. He also set the old record of 56.4 million yen at last year’s New Year’s auction, which tends to attract high bids as a celebratory way to kick off the new year – or get some publicity.



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