TOP 20 Most Powerful People in the World According to Forbes with Obama as Lead

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The World's Most Powerful People

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US President Obama leads the top Forbes Magazine publication about the most powerful people. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fell just shy of the top-20 and was ranked 23. Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei bested the Israeli premier by two slots, ranking 21. And reported that business is behind politics as it reigns the survey done by the magazine.

“This year’s list reflects the changing of the guard in the world’s two most powerful countries: The United States and China,” Michael Noer, Forbes’ executive editor said.

Below is the complete list of the World’s Most Powerful People for 2012 with their position, place of origin and age.

  1. Barack Obama – President, United States of America. Age: 51
  2. Angela Merkel – Chancellor, Germany. Age: 58.
  3. Vladimir Putin – President, Russia. Age: 60.
  4. Bill Gates – Co-chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Age: 57.
  5. Pope Benedict XVI – Pope, Roman Catholic Church. Age: 85.
  6. Ben Bernanke – Chairman, U.S. Federal Reserve. Age: 59.
  7. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud – King, Saudi Arabia. Age: 88.
  8. Mario Draghi – President, European Central Bank. Age: 65.
  9. Xi Jinping – General Secretary, Communist Party Of China. Age: 59.
  10. David Cameron – Prime Minister, United Kingdom. Age: 46.
  11. Carlos Slim Helu – Chairman, Carlos Slim Foundation. Age: 72.
  12. Sonia Gandhi – President, Indian National Congress. Age: 66.
  13. Li Keqiang – Vice Premier, People’s Republic Of China. Age: 57.
  14. Francois Hollande – President, France. Age: 58.
  15. Warren Buffett – CEO, Berkshire Hathaway. Age: 82.
  16. Michael Bloomberg – Mayor, New York City. Age: 70.
  17. Michael T. Duke – CEO, Wal-Mart. Age: 63.
  18. Dilma Rousseff – President, Brazil. Age: 65.
  19. Manmohan Singh – Prime Minister, India. Age: 80.
  20. Sergey Brin and Larry Page – Co-founders, Google. Ages: 39.

Forbes based its ranking on four criteria for power and averaged the four grades: Power over many people, control over financial and other valuable resources, power in multiple spheres or arenas and active use of power.



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