Triple play – Moon, Jupiter and Venus Line Up this Weekend

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This past weekend, Saturday and Sunday, three planets joined the moon in an unusual sky alignment. Moon, Jupiter and Venus came together in a shining triangle which gives stargazers a celestial delight. These celestial bodies have been joined by Mercury last Monday.

Moon, Jupiter and Venus

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Aside from Planets, the moon is offering a dazzling sight of its own. The skinny crescent moon offers stargazers a good chance to see the ghostly glow of earthshine, light from the sun that is reflected off of Earth to illuminate the dark portion of the moon in its current phase.

Meanwhile, Jupiter and Venus are steadily drawing ever closer together in the night sky. Jupiter and Venus are on the move from a skywatcher’s perspective as well. The two planets are gradually coming closer together, and they’ll pass each other in the night sky on March 12 and 13, according to a NASA video.



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