UFO Sighting: UFO spotted over South Korea (Video)

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A mysterious round white object was filmed whizzing around a passenger plane above Seoul, the capital of South Korea, on April 7.

ufo in south korea

Screenshot: YouTube

In the video, the unidentified passenger is filming the otherwise uneventful view from the plane’s window. Suddenly he makes a startled sound as the white saucer-like image comes into view.

But then it speeds up and rises in altitude before zipping off out of shot, just as the startled person filming it tries to zoom in for a closer look.

When the UFO accelerates he can be heard making some sort of exclamation, as if trying to draw someone’s attention to it.

After being uploaded to YouTube, several YouTube users are convinced it’s a UFO of some sort, but others remain skeptical.

Video Credit: YouTube/crazybreakingnews




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