Unpredicted discovery of NASA of Ocean Plant Life

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NASA pioneered the expedition called ICESCAPE, or Impacts of Climate on EcoSystems and Chemistry of the Arctic Pacific Environment, which explored Arctic waters in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas along Alaska’s western and northern coasts onboard a U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker. Using optical technologies, scientists looked at the impacts of environmental variability and change in the Arctic on the ocean biology, ecology and biogeochemistry.

NASA new discovery

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“Part of NASA’s mission is pioneering scientific discovery, and this is like finding the Amazon rainforest in the middle of the Mojave Desert,” said Paula Bontempi, NASA’s ocean biology and biogeochemistry program manager in Washington. “We embarked on ICESCAPE to validate our satellite ocean-observing data in an area of the Earth that is very difficult to get to,” Bontempi said. “We wound up making a discovery that hopefully will help researchers and resource managers better understand the Arctic.”

The Arctic Ocean water is so cold that is why ice is their main and dominant feature of marine ecosystem. And recently, NASA accidentally discovers a ocean marine plant life which is also known as phytoplankton. Phyto which means plant and plankton meaning to wander or drift, it is a microscopic organism that live in watery environment whether it is salty or fresh waters. They are the base of the marine food chain. It is accustomed that Phytoplankton grow in the Arctic Ocean during summer or after the ice melts and the sunlight can reach the water under the ice.

This means that when conditions are right, phytoplankton populations can grow explosively, a phenomenon known as a bloom. Blooms in the ocean may cover hundreds of square kilometers and are easily visible in satellite images. A bloom may last several weeks, but the life span of any individual phytoplankton is rarely more than a few days.

Watch the video of Massive Phytoplankton Bloom Discovered Under Arctic Sea Ice

Video Credit: YouTube/NASAexplorer

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