Urine-soaked eggs are a springtime taste treat in China (Video)

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DONGYANG, China – Officials in China have listed a local food delicacy of eggs soaked in boys’ urine as part of the region’s intangible cultural heritage.

Urine-soaked eggs

Image Credit: reuters.com

Every spring, street vendors in the city of Dongyang sell ‘virgin boy eggs‘ as a unique snack. Basins and buckets of boys’ urine are collected from primary school toilets. Eggs are then soaked and cooked in the urine.

“If you eat this, you will not get heat stroke. These eggs cooked in urine are fragrant,” said Ge Yaohua, 51, who owns one of the more popular “virgin boy eggs” stalls.

Many Dongyang residents, young and old, said they believed in the tradition passed on by their ancestors that the eggs decrease body heat, promote better blood circulation and just generally reinvigorate the body.

Urine Soaked Eggs Chinese Delicacy

Video Credit: YouTube/NowOneNews



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