‘Vampire skeletons’ have been found in Bulgaria (video)

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A “vampire skeletons” have been found by Bulgarian archeologists in Sozopol, located near Black Sea. Bulgarian names for an undead vampire include: Vampir, Vorkolak, Ouber, Ustrel. Bulgarians believed that a vampire is a corpse which returns from the grave. A person who died a violent, unnatural death or whose corpse was jumped over by a cat before burial becomes such an undead vampire.

bulgaria vampire skeletons

Vampire skeletons unearthed in Bulgaria by the Archaeologists
Image Credit: AFP

The finding of the said skeleton caused a bit of a stir in the archeology community. The archeologists who discovered the skeleton, who was pinned down through their chest with iron rods a practice in which Bulgarian believed to keep the dead from being a vampire. But nevertheless, this does not prove that the skeleton is really a vampire or that they are a blood sucking creatures during their time. It could be that the superstitious beliefs of the Bulgarians about hammering of iron rods into the chest bone and to the heart is practiced during the medieval periods.

Another archaeologist Petar Balabanov also unearthed six similar skeletons in the eastern town of Debelt in 2004, it is quite imperative that pagan practice has also been observed in the country of Serbia and Balkan.

Vampire skeletons unearthed in Bulgaria by the Archaeologists
Video Credit:YouTube|epicwildlife



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