Venus Palermo: Video of 15-year-old Living Doll “Venus Angelic” goes viral

At 15, Venus Palermo has grown into her doll obsession rather than out of it. Under the screen name “Venus Angelic”, the London based teenager posts beauty tutorials on YouTube for fans who want to look like her. But that’s not why she’s the latest viral video star. It’s because she looks like a living doll.

Venus Angelic

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Palermo says you too could be a ball-jointed doll (or BJD) with some over-sized pupil contacts, plastic-sheen-effect powder, and pure white eye shadow. The modern ball-jointed doll is widely popular in Japan, a country both she and her mother are obsessed with.

However, Palermo’s obsession creates criticism wherein her video have been dubbed “bizarre” and “disturbing” in the media.


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