Verizon Wireless New Data-focused Pricing Plans for Tablet and Smartphones

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Verizon Wireless will launch new pricing plans on June 28, 2012. This new pricing plans or some may call sharing plans is the new strategy of Verizon Wireless to acquire more and more users for tablets and smartphones. Since tablets and smartphones are the trend nowadays, the company provides the new pricing plans so that everyone can use a plan that is connected to different devices and gadgets.

According to the Strategy Analytics Mobile Broadband Opportunities (MBO) service report, “Shared Data Plans from Verizon Wireless ‘Shifting the Way We Sell Wireless,’ ” the new “Share Everything” plans reach a new level of innovation, setting the stage for a future where most families own multiple devices and desire simplicity and flexibility connecting their devices them to mobile networks.

“The ‘Share Everything’ plan approach from Verizon Wireless is an excellent start to create a structure for a multi-device future as the connected ecosystem expands,” observes Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, Director, Mobile Broadband Opportunities at Strategy Analytics. “We would like to see Verizon Wireless add the ability to set per device limits on data use—which could be a big plus, especially for a traveling parent who may need data for navigation and video chat, and needs to make sure that the family data cap isn’t depleted by kids watching videos.”

This new structure will help each family member to share a connection using their prefer gadgets and devices.



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