Video of an eagle trying to snatch a toddler goes viral

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A video showing an eagle tried to snatch a kid has gone viral last Tuesday. At first the video show an eagle roaming around the sky but then it went to a kid sitting on the ground, snatch him for a few second but let him go immediately. It was horrifying scene at the moment then the person behind the camera put down the cam and run towards the kid.

Golden Eagle Snatches Kid

Golden Eagle Snatches KidGolden Eagle Snatches Kid

The video, titled “Golden Eagle Snatches Kid,” was reportedly taken at a park in Montreal, Canada. Many violent and horrifying reactions were posted after the video was being uploaded in YouTube. It could be that the eagle thought that the kid was a food but then when the bird almost carried it 3 meters above the ground he deliberately let go of his prey.

Watch the video of  an eagle trying to snatch kid:

Video Credit: YouTube/MrNuclearCat



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