Virgin Galactic, first commercial space travel service to launch

For anyone who can afford a $200,000 trip, tickets for a flight more than 60 miles into space are already available for purchase.

Virgin Galactic, sister company of Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic, was among the companies specializing in “space tourism”. By providing routine access for research payloads to suborbital space, Virgin Galactic will expand current research capabilities beyond existing reduced gravity platforms such as drop towers and parabolic flights, as posted in Virgin Galactic news.

Virgin Galactic

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The company is on way of testing aircraft that can successfully carry up to 6 passengers and more than 50,000 feet into space, said William Pomerantz, VP of Special Projects for Virgin Galactic. Pomerantz told the conference “I promise we will give you much better customer service than the airline you took to get here”. He confirmed that 500 people have already purchased tickets.



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