Women proposal to men on a leap year

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We are currently living in a world where marriage proposals are becoming more excessive. You only have to type the word ”proposal” into YouTube for a number of videos to appear in the feed consisting of crazy and over-the-top engagements. One man went so far as to stage a whole surprise musical for his girlfriend, ending with flashing placards that spells “Will you marry me”. The poor woman could hardly say no.

Leap year

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A leap year is a year containing one additional day. Such years consist of 366 days as opposed to the average 365 days we live through in a common year. So, every four years we live through a February 29th. This is a topic of great interest to humans.

The most common and frequently talked about Leap Year tradition, however, is the fact that it is the one day in every four years where it is seen as being acceptable for a woman to get down on one knee and propose to the man she loves.



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