World’s strongest kids: Giuliano and Claudi (Video)

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Recently, 7 year-old Romanian muscle boy Giuliano Stroe stars in viral video performing incredible push-ups. Giuliano has become an internet sensation with his amazing shows of strength while balancing his hands and feet on bottle tops and doing some push-ups.

World’s strongest kids

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Tuesday, Giuliano’s younger brother Claudi Stroe, 5, joined the first with the title “World’s Strongest Kids”. Stroe brothers are both living in Galati, Romania with their father Iulian.

Here’s the video of two amazing little boys

World’s Strongest Kids
Video Credit: Youtube/diagonaluk

According to Iulian Stroe, 33, both started weight lifting at the age of two and are put through a 2-hour training schedule each morning. “They’ve been to the gym ever since, I have trained hard all my life and always take them with me, but they are not allowed to practice on their own”, said dad Stroe.




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