Zip-line injury: Aimee Copeland shows signs of recovery from flesh-eating bacteria

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A 24-year-old Georgia student Aimee Copeland is showing signs of recovery after being exposed to deadly flesh-eating bacteria in a zip line injury.

“Aimee has made drastic improvements today,” Andy Copeland, Aimee’s father said.

Zip-line injury, Aimee Copeland

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“She’s a little agitated, but she’s showing more signs of her personality,” Copeland said. “She’s restrained, so she started to get angry, but she responded to me as I tried to soothe her. These are just small things, but really mean so much.”

But Copeland said Aimee, whose left leg has already been amputated, still faces an uphill battle and may lose her hands and right foot due to a combination of the bacteria and medication she is taking.

After surgery, Aimee suffered cardiac arrest, but the doctors were able to resuscitate her. It was at this point that the doctors told Copeland and his wife that Aimee’s chances of survival were “slim to none.”

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