55-year Old Cheerleader: Sharon Simmons auditioned for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders (Video)

Sharon Simmons auditioned for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders with hundreds of other aspiring cheerleaders on May 5, 2012

Simmons has won several fitness competitions and had a successful career as a fitness model. She also the author of the book ”Triple F: Fifty, Fit, and Fabulous,” and she runs her website FitnessAnyAge.com

She has been featured several times in Ms Fitness Magazine “Fit Over 40.”

Sharon Simmons

Image Credit: fitnessanyage.com

“I thought about this when I was about 22 years old,” Sharon Simmons told The Dallas Morning News. “I was a single mom, and I wanted to do it.”

If Sharon Simmons passes the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders audition she will be the oldest cheerleader in the league. Others are Suzie Sanchez of the Oakland Raiders is a grandma but Sanchez is only 37. Laura Vikmanis is the oldest NFL cheerleader at 42.

Sharron Simmons, the 55-year-old cheerleader’s audition

Video Credit: Dallas Morning News

Below is the list of Sharon Simmons dubbed as “55-year-old cheerleader” amazing achievements (source:fitnessanyage.com).

  • Legacy Fitness  2006 — 2nd Fitness (very 1st competition)
  • Ms Fitness USA – 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 — Las Vegas and Reno (Fox Sports and ESPN) – Open Fitness
  • Fitness America Pageant 2006 – 2nd Fitness and 2ndBikini
  • Universe of Fitness 2006 (California) — Fitness and Modeling
  • 11th Legacy International 2007 (Las Vegas) – 1stMaster’s Fitness
  • NPC Heart of Texas (2007) 1st Master’s Fitness
  • Legacy Fitness/Lone Star State Regional — 2ndFitness & Model
  • Universe of Fitness 2007 (California) – 1st Place Fitness Model
  • 12th Legacy International 2008 (Las Vegas) — 1stMaster’s Fitness and 2nd Fitness Model Open
  • 3rd Annual Flex Appeal 2009 (Las Vegas) – Fitness & Model
  • Fitness Texas Pageant 2009 – 1st Fitness and 2ndModel
  • Fitness America Pageant Nationals 2009 (Las Vegas) – Classic
  • Legacy Fitness – Lone Star Regional 2010 – 2nd Master’s Fitness
  • Fitness Texas Pageant 2010 – 1st Fitness Open
  • Texas Classic Ms Fitness 2010 – 1st Fitness Open
  • Legacy Ms Fitness Nationals 2010 — Fitness/Model
  • Fitness America Pageant Nationals 2010 (Las Vegas) — Placed in first National Show! — Fitness Classic
  • Universe Natural Southern CA Fitness 2011 – 1st Fitness Classic
  • Fitness Texas 2011 — Ft. Worth, TX (Oct) 1st Fitness Classic and 2nd Bikini
  • Fitness America AND Bikini Nationals 2011 (Las Vegas) — Top 5 – Bikini America
  • Auditioned for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on May 5th



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