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William Stokkebroe: 2-year-old boy dancing Jailhouse Rock goes viral

A video starring William Stokkebroe, a 2-year-old toddler, goes viral when he got out on the dance floor For one minute and 42 seconds, Stokkebroe shows no fear as he bursts onto the dance floor and performs for a room full of people to Elvis Presley’s 1957 hit, “Jailhouse Rock.” The toddler and his family […]

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World’s Largest Deckchair unveiled on Bournemouth (Photo)

The world’s biggest ever deckchair has been displayed on Bournemouth beach. Unveiled yesterday, the chair is taller than a double-decker bus and weighs more than an elephant. Creator Stuart Murdoch spent three weeks building the structure after being commissioned by Pimm’s to mark the beginning of the British summer. “Deckchairs are so quintessentially British – […]

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Never-before seen photos of Titanic wreckage revealed

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As the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking draws near, renewed interest and buzz continue to build around the famously doomed ship.  The April 2012 issue of National Geographic magazine features a collection of never-before-seen photos of the wreckage, made possible by new technologies and a multi-million dollar undersea expedition. The stunning new images provide […]

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3D printing Technology could change space missions (Video)

Equally revolutionary would be to manufacture parts on demand in zero gravity, in outer space. Silicon Valley-based startup Made in Space has built and tested a 3D printer to do that, aboard the International Space Station (ISS) in 2014. “It’s difficult to anticipate what we are going to fix because you don’t know what is […]

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Wold’s Smallest Puppy ‘Beyonce’ cheat death 4 times (Photo and Video)

A puppy the size of an iPhone has managed to cheat death several times and is now being cared for by an animal rescue centre in California. Two-week-old Beyonce weighs just over 100 grams was proven to be a gritty survivor, CBS News reports. When the tiny Daschund crossbreed was born she was the size […]

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New York Nannies earn $180,000 a year

According to Adam Davidson in the ‘The New York Times’, the New York city area is hone to scores of elite hyper- skilled nannies. Some wealthy families are willing to pay close to $200,000 a year for such as catch. Davidson wrote about a new immigrant nanny from Brazil who began working in the U.S […]

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Romania sets New World Record for Longest Bridal Train (Photo and Video)

Bucharest, Romania – A world-record-busting two-mile wedding-gown train was unveiled in Romania on Tuesday. Emma Dumitrescu, 17-years old, a model, poses to show the world’s longest bridal train during an attempt for Guinness World Record. To show off the gown, Emma took a ride in a hot air balloon as part of a promotion in […]

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Mr. Universe 1952: Manohar Aich celebrates his 100th birthday (Photo)

‘Pocket Hercules’: Former Mr Universe Manohar Aich flexes his muscles as he poses for a photograph on the eve of his 100th birthday in a gymnasium in Kolkata, India. Celebrating his 100th birthday, the muscular Manohar Aich who are being crowned as Mr Universe way back 1952, give a piece of advice stating ‘don’t take […]

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“Frozen Planet” Premiere: 7-Part Series

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Discovery channel uncovers first episode of the seven-part series “Frozen Planet” from the makers of “Planet Earth” on Sunday, March 18. “Frozen Planet” narrated by Alec Baldwin, is a documentary about life-and-death at the poles of the Earth. It explores the Arctic and Antarctic like never before, from beautiful ice castles underneath volcanoes to glaciers […]

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Malaysia’s new tourist attraction, upside-down house (Photo)

Worldwide, there are a number of upside-down houses and many exist simply to turn the everyday world on end. But Malaysia’s first upside-down house brings a childhood fantasy to life. The house itself, the furniture and household appliances, and even the car in the garage, are all upside down. Owner Alexander Yee, tourist lodge operator, […]

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Japan White Day Celebration

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Every 14th day of March “White Day” is celebrated in Japan. It is exactly celebrated one month after Valentine’s Day. White Day is considered to be a social obligation while Valentine’s Day is thought to be to be a romantic time. The reason its called “White Day” is because the color of sugar (white) is […]

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California woman, Cynthia Sigler gives birth to 14-pound baby (Photo)

On Friday, a Southern California woman gave birth to a baby boy weighing about 14 pounds. Doctors report s Saturday that Jayden Sigler weighed in at 13 pounds, 14 ounces and 21 inches long. Cynthia Sigler, Jayden’s mother, knew that her baby would be a boy but didn’t expect how big it was. Baby Jaden […]

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