Skydive Dubai unveils the $1.3 billion billboard – “world’s most expensive billboard”

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Skydive Dubai unveiled a billboard that would cost $1.3 billion a month, it features a man flying around it in a jet pack. The $1.3 billion billboard is located near the entrance of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building in downtown Dubai. Skydive Dubai and the Denver-based Go Fast energy products, demonstrated the billboard stunt last June 1, 2012. The […]

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Valery Rozov, the 21st century daredevil leap into best records (video)

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Russian base jumper Valery Rozov made a new record in Himalayan Jump wearing only a wingsuit. It really a world record to reach the bottom of a 4 mile high summit of Shivling wearing only his jumper wingsuit. This is really another highlight to his career of extreme sports as base jumper. Watch the video […]

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Rare Giant Squid eaten by Shark in Australia (Video)

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A giant squid was found in South Whales, Australia by Al McGlashan, a fishing columnist for the Daily Telegraph. The giant squid has become a mystery for the scientist. Aside from being the largest invertebrates or being deep-sea gigantism which means that deep-sea-dwelling animals can display a larger size than their shallow-water counterparts, it is […]

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American Idol 2012 Top 2: Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips Season Finale Performance Night Videos

The final showdown between Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips was featured at Fox in the 1-hour American Idol 2012 Season 11 Finale Performance Show Tuesday night, May 22, 2012. Videos of some of their performances are available below. American Idol 2012 Top 2 finalists Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez  Image Credit: American Idol 2012 Top 2 finalists Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips sang three songs each in their finale performances: a song picked by “Idol” creator Simon Fuller, […]

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2012 Billboard Music Awards Winners Revealed (Complete List)

The complete list of 2012 Billboard Music Awards Winners was revealed on Sunday, May 20, 2012, and published on Billboard’s official website. Adele and duo group LMFAO led the names of 2012 Billboard Music Awards winners. Top Duo/Group: LMFAO Image Credit: The 2012 Billboard Music Awards was held at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, ABC broadcast the event and was hosted by Modern Family‘s Ty Burell and Julie Bowen, Music fans can get the […]

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American Idol 2012: American Idol Season 11 Top 3 Performance Night Videos

The American Idol 2012 Top 3 took the stage during the performance night on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 and sang three songs each, and as usual, the results were mixed. Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet Image Credit: Round one was songs picked by the judges, round 2 the contestants picked their own songs and for round 3, the songs […]

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American Idol 2012 Top 3 Performance Night: Jessica Sanchez Top 3 Performance Videos

After a powerful performance that sent the “American Idol” judges up on their feet, Jessica Sanchez convinced America it wasn’t her time to go. Jessica Sanchez, who got her 6th standing ovation in Idol’s latest performance night for her rendition of a Dreamgirls hit “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going”, is among the Top 3 contenders […]

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Cancer Patients make awesome Lip Sync of Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’ (Video)

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22-year-old cancer patient and fledgling filmmaker, Chris Rumble, decided to uplift fellow patients with some music. He got together with some friends to make a video of child cancer patients at Seattle Children’s Hospital lip syncing to Kelly Clarkson’s song “Stronger”. Rumble posted the video to YouTube – Stronger | Seattle Childrens Hospital, where it has […]

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‘Boyfriend’ Video: Justin Bieber’s Latest Music Video Released

After weeks of anticipation and several video teases, Justin Bieber has finally released the entire music video for “Boyfriend.” Fans from all over the world uploaded YouTube videos of their prediction of the tune before it was even released! ”Boyfriend” topped the charts selling over 500,000 copies of the single during its first week and […]

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Long-Lost Apple Commercial Revealed: Steve Jobs as FDR (Video)

A previously unreleased Apple commercial starring none other than Steve Jobs himself, has just been revealed to the public. While the commercial had previously been shown during company meetings, with snippets of the video being released here and there, this is the first time that the public has been made aware of the full length […]

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Ginger Morneau’s Photographs: “Octopus Eating a Seagull” Goes Viral (Photos and Video)

Ginger Morneau, a Victoria woman says she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw an octopus eating a seagull. Ginger Morneau’s photographs of the octopus dragging the bird under the water goes viral. It was March 24, 2012, Saturday morning, Morneau, her husband and her brother spotted “Octopus Eating a Seagull” while they are walking along the […]

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Bike Hugging Dog: Golden Retriever Guarding Owner’s Bike in China (Video)

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Dogs are known for being loyal companions. Have you ever met any as faithful as Hachiko, an Akita from Japan who spent 10 years waiting for his master. A story of amazing dog from China named ‘Li Li’ the ‘Bike Hugging Dog‘ is now going viral. Li Li the Golden Retriever guards his owner’s bicycle. […]

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