Milky Way Photo captures billion stars

A new image of the Milky Way galaxy captured by a team of astronomers shows more than a billion stars of the galaxy at once. The photo combines images taken from two telescopes, one in the northern and the other in the southern hemisphere.

The spectacular photo was released on March 28 and according to reports, the photo is the outcome of a 10-year project gathering data for future research studies and involved astronomers from UK and Chile gathering data that was processed and archived by teams at the Universities of Edinburgh and Cambridge.

Milky Way Photo captures billion stars

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Nick Cross of the University of Edinburgh’s school of physics and astronomy, who was involved in the project, said “This incredible image gives us a new perspective of our galaxy, and illustrates the far-reaching discoveries we can make from large sky surveys. Having data processed, archived and published by dedicated teams leaves other scientists free to concentrate on using the data, and is a very cost-effective way to do astronomy.”




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