Ukrainian Barbie Doll: The Real-Life Barbie Doll ‘Valeria Lukyanova’ (Video)

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Young girls like Venus Angelic and Dakota Rose are quickly becoming Internet sensations because they resemble the child’s plaything – with huge eyes, porcelain skin, bow lips and cascading hair.

And the latest addition in the list is the Real-Life Ukrainian Barbie Doll ‘Valeria Lukyanova’.

The real-life Ukrainian barbie doll named ‘Valeria Lukyanova‘ claimed that she is a real natural deal. The 21-year-old Valeria Lukyanova calls herself as a ‘humanbarbie doll‘.

Valeria Lukyanova Ukraine model real-life Barbie doll

Valeria Lukyanova: Ukraine model real-life Barbie doll

It’s unclear whether Lukyanova exists at all, or whether it’s all a fake thanks to the world of photo editing.

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The Real Life Ukrainian Barbie Doll Valeria Lukyanova

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Video Credit: YouTube/amatuecumna



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